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Hi, my name is Heather. I am a wife, mother, business owner, and now I have earned the title of Gramma! This blog is a way to share my passion for health and wellness.

My Story: My journey with health did not start out in a good place. College was a tough time in my life and with many things being out of my control at that time, I chose to control my food intake and proceeded to develop an eating disorder. I became anorexic. My lowest weight was 94 pounds and at 5’ 5” that was a bit thin. I ate one apple and 1-2 cups of popcorn a day and that was it. This DOES NOT do a body good. Through the grace of God, my mom, and my believing that I am important and don’t need to control everything, I turned this eating disorder around. I slowly began to accept that I needed food to live—a novel thought, right?

Marriage, career, and two kids later I tried to eat well and feed my family well, at least like we had all been taught with the food pyramid. I did the best I could with what I knew. In the past few years my passion for nutrition has been spurred to a greater degree and I have gone back to school to learn more. I have entered a new phase in my life, the kids are grown and married; the blessing of grandchildren has come upon us. (And yes, it is absolutely the most awesome blessing). My husband and I have gone past the big 50 and the body definitely does change. My new focus for our family health is providing the right food and exercise to remain healthy and strong for the next 50 years! When you are in your 20’s or even 30’s, you really don’t think about how you will feel physically in your 50’s – that is waaay old, right? Well then all of a sudden you are in your 50’s and have to start thinking about this kind of stuff. Since my family has a history of heart issues and arthritis, I am being proactive to fight off these conditions for myself and the rest of my family. I also want to be able teach my grandchildren the joy of life, food, learning and adventure. What better gift to pass on to your kids and grandkids but a legacy of health and wellness. Please visit my Welcome to Chronicles in HEALTH post to discover my mission for this blog.

I would like to get to know you and your health journey. I invite you to subscribe to my blog and we can write our Chronicles in HEALTH together.


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My Family




John and I were married in 1985. Two kids and two grand-kids later, here we are: emptynesters!



The Puppy

Shadow is the mascot here on Chronicles in HEALTH. Shadow leads a holistic life. He eats very clean, salmon, sweet potato, and duck comprise most of his diet. He has many adventures with the squirrels and bunnies and neighbor dogs and UPS trucks and motorcycles and everything else that must be barked at. His lifestyle is well rounded with activity and rest. He thrives on all the adventures that life brings his way. He brings happiness to all those around him with his energy and exuberance for life.

TJ and Jamie

TJ and Jamie

Son and Daughter-in-law

TJ and Jamie reconnected after high-school and were married in 2012. They have two sons and two pups.

Keshia and Matt

Keshia and Matt

Daughter and Son-in-law

Keshia and Matt met in college, and have been married since 2014. Keshia also has a passion for finding a healthy lifestyle for her family.

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