This time of year can be a challenge for everyone to make healthy choices when it comes to eating. Here are five tips for this holiday season that I have found helpful.


  1. Do not skip meals. It is best to maintain a regular eating schedule of three meals a day. Starving your self all day so you can “eat” at a special gathering is stressful for your body. Plus, you are more likely to over eat which never feels good no matter how good the food tastes! If you know there is going to be a lot of food at an event, it may be best to eat a little bit lighter during the day, choosing healthy foods like vegetables and fruits earlier in the day.

2. Take smaller portions. There are so many great foods to enjoy during this season; we all have our favorites that are hard to resist. Taking smaller portions lets you taste several different foods without becoming too full. Remember to add some of those vegetables and fruits to your plate too!

3. Going back for seconds. If you do decide to go back for seconds, wait five to ten minutes before you dish up that second helping. It takes a little time for your stomach to tell your brain you are full. This is one that I work on all year long!!

4. Stay hydrated with filtered water, green tea, or herbal tea. If you are consuming alcohol or caffeine, this is especially important. Staying hydrated is also great for your skin in these dry winter months.

5. Enjoy the fellowship with friends and family. Holiday gatherings are all about being with family and friends; sharing a meal is often how we “gather” together. Enjoy these moments; sit down, get comfortable, and enjoy your food and conversation. Just like the Who’s in Whoville!!

Merry Christmas and enjoy your time with family and friends. Do you have any “tricks” that help you to not over indulge during this time of year?

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