Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It is porous and absorbs about 60% of everything that is put on it. What we use on our skin ends up inside our bodies, whether it is healthy or toxic. If the products we use contain harmful and toxic ingredients such as chemicals, artificial colors and fragrances, these ingredients will make their way in to our bodies, our blood, and our lymphatic system.

To eliminate the absorption of these toxic ingredients, it is best to use natural skin care products. Reading labels and educating yourself about what ingredients to avoid when purchasing skin care products is your first step to healthier skin and ultimately a healthier body.

Ingredients to Avoid: Here is a short list of some ingredients to avoid due to their possible carcinogenic properties: Cocoamidopropl Betaine, Olefin Sulfonate, Sodium Luaroyl Sarcosinate, Potassium Cocyl Glutamate, Sulfates, Parabens, and Phenoxyethanol. Just like when reading the ingredient list on your food—if there any words you can’t pronounce or you don’t recognize them, it is probably best to avoid.

Finding skin care products that are made completely from natural ingredients can be a challenge. Untainted Skin Care Products has a great line of products made right here in Minnesota. Founder and formulator, Therese Thull, has two decades of experience in the skin care and cosmetic industry.

Untainted’s Story

Her journey began when she was searching for natural options for her husband’s health situation. This quest led her to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach. Through that process, she discovered information about products that are applied topically to our bodies. She delved deeper into what she was subjecting her own skin to and realized her own skin care products contained the very ingredients that are toxic to our bodies. All her products went in to the trash, but she then had the question of “now what?” This was the next step in her journey to find a better skin care system for herself. You can read the detailed account of Therese’s journey on her website. It is an inspiring story.

After some trial and error, and tweaking the formulas, she has formulated an awesome line of skin care products using high quality ingredients. She also has bath salts, candles, and lotion bars to name just a few of the items she has available. These products are made from pure, clean, natural ingredients with no added fillers! Everything on the label can be easily pronounced!! You know exactly what you are putting on your body. My favorite product thus far is the Youth Renew Moisturizer. I just love the way it feels on my skin. My skin feels fresh and smooth without a greasy feeling, and it performs wonderfully under my foundation.

The current chapter of Therese’s journey has been to open a retail store in the beautiful historic city of Excelsior, Minnesota. The doors opened the end of August 2016. The store carries all of Untainted’s products along with handcrafted jewelry, small home décor items, and original artwork, all of which are from local artisans. It is an exquisite store with a spa-like atmosphere. All Untainted products are produced on site, and clientele can view the process through windows into the production area.

Untainted Skin Care Products

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Therese has a passion for people and her products. She loves to share her knowledge with others about healthy skin care and ultimately living a healthy lifestyle.

If you are looking to invest in clean, pure, natural skin care products, I would encourage you to stop by Untainted located at 422 2nd Street Excelsior, MN 55311. It is definitely worth your time. If you don’t live in the Minneapolis area, you can visit the Untainted website and order products from there. Either way, Therese and her staff are ready to serve and encourage you on your journey to healthier skin.

In a holistic lifestyle, it is important to nourish our bodies both from the inside and outside. Here I have discussed how to protect the body by using clean, natural products. To find out how to eat for healthy skin, check out my posts Did Your Skin Survive the Summer? and Is Organic Worth the Money? 

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Disclaimer: This website is for general information only. This information provided is not a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any health condition or problem. Do not rely on information provided here for your own health conditions. If you have specific questions regarding your own health, raise them with your primary care physician.

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